B&B for 6 months


I have posted many times in Cambodia and Thailand Forums on here. I would just love a little help and maybe this can be of assistance to others. I am hopeful of retiring to Siem Reap within the next 12 months, and wondered if anyone could advice of a B&B in Siem Reap that was recommended. Centrally located or within 20mins walk of the centre, maybe a small bar, small restaurant, and helpfull owners, and hopefully traditional. I was hopefully thinking of staying for 6-12 months.

Many thanks for any help.


I stayed 3 times in the Im Malis hotel on Taphul Street, great location. The last time I stayed they charged me $240 per month and I stayed for 9 weeks, the usual price was $18 per night with breakfast, I had no breakfast with the reduced price, the room was cleaned each day and had air-con.

The owner also has the Bat Hotel and hes a friendly Cambodian guy, I went for a drink with him a couple of times as well, you might want to rent a house if you are staying for a while.

Hi Howie,

my question is if you are alone or with family. and when you arrive Siem Reap?

I know a new and nice full-furnished apartment near my house in Taphul village. It is just 5 minutes walk from downtwn; where many foreigner stays. and 15 minutes walk to Pub-street. The room is nicely decorated and design by the house owner(engineering professional) with high attention and care. the apartment has separate bathroom, kitchen and (bedroom+ living) room.
- furnished by: washing machine, fridge, air-con, fan, sofa, TV, hot water system,DVD player, wooden basic furniture.
-  Facilities: free cable tv, free clean services, monthly maintenance check up,

It is a new apartment, noone live in it yet, event the owner.

Thank you all your replies. Several months ago I read a blog that stated a nome of a B&B in Siem Reap that I can't remember the name of. It said it was very popular and believe it was run by a British guy. I know this is a bit vague but thought I had made a note of the name, but can't find it.

Many thanks


Hi Howie2,

Maybe the Mad Monkey guesthouse where many expats go?
Don't know it, but read great reviews on some posts as well...

Thank you so much, I believe that was the one I was looking for...I do love this forum, many thanks again, Howie

Pleasure! :)