makeup of flats - Why there are no or only small kitchens?

Can any one tell me why every flat I have been offered in S. R. has a small or no kitchen area? doesn't any one cook when they retire????????

Haven't ya noticed that the Khmer are small people? See many over weight Khmer? Small, thin people consume, eat small meals made in small kitchens.

that might make sense if the flats are built for locals and not for people who wish to retire there.

It's so cheap to eat out here. It's probably more expensive to eat and cook at home. You could always hire a cook for yourself for about $150 a month. Then the cook could work in your small kitchen with no problem. I have a small kitchen but I can cook anything in it. No need for a massive kitchen unless you've got a restaurant.

Small kitchen is more like for making breakfast or a quick meal / pre-heat.

Personaly i prefer a small kitchen cause its faster to clean.

As a single guy i manage to cook one meal such as paella or similar where you have pasta / rice cooked with meat n veggies in one cooking pan.  It saves time n energy plus you get a wholesome meal; just add a fresh salad to the meal.

In Thailand for example; i'd use a claypot for cooking outdoor fueled with coal or a bbq.  Just keep two buckets of water nearby to rinse utensils and a cutting board.  Its actually more convenient than cooking indoors.

Good luck.

You want a kitchen, you gotta pay more rent. I was down to 86 pounds and thought I was wasting away, sick of eating tuna sandwiches! Back in the USA now and 10 pounds heavier!

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