Property prices in Siem Reap

Hello everyone,

Finding affordable housing in Siem Reap is number one priority for newcomers. Tell us more about the estate market in your district/city/region.

What are the most desired places to live? What are the most affordable ones? What is the average cost of a rented flat? And what is the average sale price for an appartment or a house? Could you tell us more about local real estate policies/procedures? What about property tax or residency tax in Siem Reap?

What about you? Where do you live now? Is it a place you would recommend?

Thank you in advance for your clarifications.


We are staying  in the Salakum Reuk Commune - about 1.5 kms from the city center. Ideally, when we come back to Cambodia (we leave Siem Reap for work in China - 2 years, then come back here to work) we would like to settle closer to central. Maybe  buy an apartment or penthouse for the family in the long term. Id be appreciative to see what pricing is.

Hi , I am looking to buying land in Siam reap must be not to far from city Centre , please contact me if you have any n my email . ***

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Hi yes , I am happy if we can meet up , please provide u contact number and we arrange to meet up on this coming Monday 4 pm

Hi everyone,

[at] Motomochi wee,

Please browse through the ads in the Land for sale in Siem Reap section. I suggest you drop your own "looking for" ad so that you might get some offers.

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Hi thanks , will be nice if you could attach some picture for me

Please send me a message to XXX , I will send you pictures. It's easier than here

[at]Lalo27, could you please post your ad in our housing section ?

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thanks !

OK, thought that I did put it there...! Will check

I've seen rooms on face book for usd 100 and usd 85 per month

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