Rent a flat or a house in Siem Reap

Finding a place to live is a priority when settling in Siem Reap. Your experience will be of a great help for the members who want to settle in Siem Reap.

Therefore, we have prepared some questions for you:

Is it hard to find a flat or a house for rent in Siem Reap?

How to find a home in Siem Reap: classifieds, real estate portals, real estate agencies?

How much is the rental for a house, an apartment?

What are the formalities or the required documents for renting an accommodation?

Which advice would you give?

Thanks in advance for participating!

Thank you for this info Sarah!

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Hi Rudolf Knuchel!

Thanks for your help ;)


It is not hard to find a house in Siem Reap but it is hard to find a good one… The problem with Khmer houses is usually bad design, bathrooms too small, Kitchen often outside or no kitchen or terrible set-up. Rarely a real garden, more like a paved area in front and also very bad general maintenance. If the house is new (less than 2 years old) is not too bad but if it is older and has not being maintained well you will find it way below standard.
Prices varies, as Rudolf says, from $ 150 per month to about $ 2000 with everything in between. Apartments are scarce (well good one at least) and a bit more expensive than houses, minimum at $ 400/month for basic quality.
If you need a good house, look for western designed houses. Usually more expensive, starting around $ 500/month but much better quality and better maintenance as well.
Many ways to find a home: Online classifieds like (Siem Reap page), bulletin boards in various places like supermarkets or Real Estate agencies. 2 mostly: CARE Real Estate and Siem Reap Properties, both have website which you will find easily with a Google search. Siem Reap Properties is more upmarket, a bit more expensive but better products and Care with a big variety of properties.
Very little documents needed: a copy of your passport and visa and the usual 2 month security deposit (often used as payment for the last 2 months). Try to have a contract in English and read it…


Is a visa for the entire period absolutely it a government requirement ?  What if I am staying in a variety of other countries and just wish to have a flat in s.r. For when I'm there??   Assuming of course the rent is paid in advance...mike

Visa doesn't really matter... House owner need to report tenants to the police so they need a copy of your passport. Usually they do not ask about visa, up to you....

Thanks Bruno...big help. Of course I may end unsettling in Siam Reap but realistically it might take me a year of going and coming before I decide...thanks for the help...mike

I would like to add some information to renting in Siem Reap.

1. Very important to try and keep the rent price down, try and negotiate and not just pay the asking price.

2. Not recommend paying 2 months security deposit and 1 months rent up front, recommend 1 months security deposit and 1 months rent up front.

Thank you for reading.

I would like to mention that many Cambodians try hard to make people pay large deposits, many will ask you to pay 2 months deposit, please try to only pay 1 month, also you can pay 1 months deposit for each year of contract, this usually only applies to commercial properties as most people do not want more than a years contract for an apartment or house.

Again, be strong, many landlords try to get so much deposit, it is like an interest free loan to them.

I recently spoke to a friend who wants to rent a bar for $1,100 per month for 8 years, the landlord wants $15,000 deposit.

But it should be $8,800 deposit, if people give in then they make it hard for the next foreigner.

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