Moving to seychelles with pets.

Hi there! My husband and myself are from sydney australia and have accepted 18 month contracts to work in the Seychelles. We are very much looking forward to it. We are planning on bringing our dog with us. We have researched all the formalities and have the procedure for shipping/quarantine/vaccinations under control.

However, upon speaking to others who have recently returned from working there, they have advised us not to travel with a dog. We were told pet dogs are often baited or shot!
I am hoping this is just an exaggeration or one off horror story that often get told through many ears!

Can anyone advise on the views of pet dogs and if it is suitable to bring her.
Do many people have pet dogs?


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Thankyou so much! I will definitely do that!

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Everyone here has dogs but I wouldn't say they are pets as most Seychellois keep them in cages for "security" purposes. It's ok to bring your dog as long as you live in a house with a fence all around and choose carefully where you live, in some areas dogs howl and bark all night. If your dog is used to going for a walk, this also is difficult because of the many strays on the island and nowhere to walk on flat ground it's very hilly. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, we are going back to the UK soon.

Hi, are there lots of stray dogs or cats on the streets?

We are looking to work in the seychelles ,I have a job offer but am looking to take my bullmastiff dog with me from the UK ,can anybody help with best way to do this please.
Try to check here

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Hi hi! Thank you for message. Can you show me where I can get a more comprehensive and updated information.
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I am from the US and have been here nearly two months.  There are several stray dogs and very few as pets. Being shot is absurd as there are no guns here. If you have not found housing here be advised it will be very difficult to find any that allows pets. I am a dog lover myself. If you have any other questions,  I'm happy to help.


Im moving from the uk to the seychelles with my husband and pet.

I would like to know more information about bringing my dog to the seychelles.  I couldnt find much information.

Anything will be a great help.

Hi barbara, im moving with my husband and small chichuahua to the seychelles.

I couldnt find much information about this topic.
Did you move with your pet?

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