Average cost of rent on Mahe?


planning on moving to Seychelles, wondering what the cost of average 1,2 or 3 bedroom flat or house would be?

Would 5,000-10,000 Seychelles rupee be enough per month to rent somthing bad, average or above average?

Looking to be close to main bus station in city.

Also is there any rentals website to check?


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Hope the forum members will be able to help you out.



It will all depend on your budget and location preference. A decnt place would probably start from SCR 8000 onwards per month. This might not include utilities and furniture etc....


thanks for that very helpful,

how do you go about finding places over there, newspapers or real estate agents?


Newspaper and real estate agents. However, if you have a budget in mind and preference, let me know and will try to get you few options.




I got in touch with my friend, there is units of 2 bedroom apartment, location is Beoliere (before Port Glaud)...rent is $500 per month..if interested, let me know...


Thanks for reply but i was essentially looking for something fully furnished in the city.


Ok, will keep you posted if I come across anything in town.



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What internet connection? Unlimited connection with wifi costs how much?

Hi guys,

Cable and Wireless provides a 512k connection with 9BG allowance for 980scr. Of course we'd pay the usage when we go overboard.
Intelvision, the other provider provides the same 256/512 connection for less but slower than cable and wireless.

As for the salary, indeed, anywhere at 8000scr and up is recommended.

Rents are sometimes pricey though, some are 5000scr and up. Depends on the type of place, number of rooms etc.

Hi Patrick,

Is the connection from cable & wireless unlimited usage?

Sadly no.  All of them are capped. There are 2gb, 3gb, 6gb,9gb packages. The stated varies from Residential broadband to usb dongles.

There is however, an unlimited connection but this is mostly targeted for business users. It's really pricey.

what about internet cafes, are they around?

I guess online gaming is not a huge thing in seychelles?

Also how much is cable TV over there cause I hear normal non-cable tv is crap on seychelles?

There are various internet cafe in town and out of town. Online gaming is a no-go. Though there are very few people (me being one of them) and small groups that attempted so. The bandwidth isn't that good, gaming will lag. If you're a Cable and Wireless user, it will affect your usage big time. For this, it's best you're using Intelvision internet.

As for cable tv, it's quite ok, decent prices for good channels. However, service is often interrupted when it's raining. The local TV isn't "crap" like you put it, it just doesn't have variety and most programs end up in french.

DSTV the cable network from Intelvision is crap. Not worth it. Lots of rubbish programs being repeated every day. Local is not bad.

Hi, im Robert from Germany and wann's Shift to seychelles in june 2014. im looking for an appartment in mahe for max. 10000 SRP. I cant find One from Germany. May could help me! It Would be Great ! ThankS an best Regards Robert!

Hi Robert
Check out this page on Facebook

- facebook.com/groups/seychellesaccomodations/

is it ful furnished?

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