Seychelles flatshare


Is it popular to share a flat or a house in the Seychelles?

What advice would you give to those looking for shared accommodation in the Seychelles?

Can you recommend specialized local websites or newspapers?

By the way, keep in mind there is a flat share/house share section in the classifieds ;)

Thank you in advance for your participation and advice!


Hello everybody!
I´m going to Victoria this September to spend a practical semester there for 6 month.
Does anybody has an advice for me, where I can look for an appartment or a single room or something?
I think I need your help :D

Grüß dich Andrea,
bist du schon weitergekommen? Hab möglicherweise schon ab August ein viermonatiges Praktikum ebenfalls in Victoria. Vllt. kann man sich ja zusammentun!

Hi eiries!

As this is the anglophone forum could you please post in English?


Hey Eiries!
Nopp, ich bin noch nicht weiter gekommen... Plan war, mir vor Ort was zu suchen und so lange ins Studentenwohnheim zu ziehen, aber das ist eine ziemlich kostspielige Angelegenheit!
Bist du denn schon weitergekommen? Und was machst du für ein Praktikum?

Und bevor es Ärger gibt:
No, I'm just searching for a flat, but my plan is to look for one directly in Victoria. First time I will stay in the Hostel there, but i think that's quiet expansive for a longer period.
So lets wait! What about you?! What are you doing there?

Liebe Grüße!

Hello Andrea 1108.

Can you please write in english please on this Anglophone forum?

You can try to post an advert in the housing in the Seychelles section. It can help.

Thank you,

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