How to find a flat or a room which is not a holiday rental?

Hey everybody,

I'm really glad I found this website! I live in Luxembourg but want to move to Seychelles in a few weeks.
I was there in July and August, for sommer holiday but fell madly in love with the Island, the people, the culture. The way of life is so different there, people live! They are not only functioning.  ;) 
I really want to give it a try and go back to look for a job.
I already tried to send some applications and to get in touch with the ministries/people but since not everybody has internet or a website, it's kind of difficult. 

At first I need a place to live. I'm planing on arriving on the 6th of October. Does anyone have some tips how to find a flat or a room which is not a holiday rental?
Thanks in advance for any information.

Hi EstherFV,

Welcome on board  :)

This new thread has been created from your post on the Seychelles forum so that you may get some feedbacks.

Till then, i suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in the Seychelles so that you may get some proposals as well as browse through the existing adverts.

All the very best,

It may be easy to find a job as it may be difficult as well. It all depends on your specialisation. try the website and type seychelles as the location. there are loads of jobs in the hotel industry.

good luck.


You can get the advertisement in buy and sale magazines regarding apartment rents.

But 1st if ur coming on tourist visa u can not stay in private apartment u need to stay only on registered self catering apartment.


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