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Hi am Nillah Ihaji from Mombasa Kenya, am a Kenyan lady in my early fourties seeking job in sychelles. I have worked with wananchi marine fishery factory here in Kenya and I have experience in working in the field of fishery companies if offered an opportunity I can prove it. Secondly if there is any job in sychelles apart from company jobs such as baby sitter ,care giver or any domestic job available am ready for it. Thanks in advance I would like to hear from you soon and I'll appreciate for any job available for me.

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Please note that this website is not an employment agency, however you can check the Jobs in the Seychelles section and post an advert with your CV there.

Thanks dear
I am a general medical practitioner in Nigeria and have my licence to practice in the republic of Seychelles. How do I get a job there?
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The best place to start may be online, you could contact clinics and medical facilities in Seychelles and send them your CV.

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Hello am Keight. A professional  high school teacher(biology and mathematics) with two-year teaching experience. How can I find a teaching job in Seychelles?
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Have you tried contacting schools to know if there are any vacancies and apply? Doing a search on the internet may be a good idea, as they might publish offers on their websites.

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