Chennai in April- May 2010

Dear all,

I'm french , my boyfriend is coming in Chennai beginning of April to work in a IT cie there.

I would like to find a work there too.

What do you think about Chennai ? Is it easy to find a job there ?
Is it nice to live here ?
What are the traditions ? What activities can we do ?

Are there lots of French people there ?

is it difficult to go alone in Chennai Downtown (if we are blonde, I'm just joking) ?

Are there French Book library, French Theather, movies ?


See U


Welcome to Chennai! Finding a job in Chennai is not difficult. There are lot of opportunities. Even my office is in the process of hiring a few people for different positions. So, may be I can help you in that regard!

You can roam about freely in the city. Locals might stare at you, they also do that to foreigners (I guess that is for the skin color)but otherwise this is a safe city to live in.

However, you can have difficulty adjusting because the weather is too hot and humid. Specially, the summer is terrible and the temperature can be as high as 40 degree Celsius. Food is another problem for expats. But do not worry, there are a handful of good restaurants too.

You may also face language problem when communicating with the locals. but, you can manage with a couple of english words. Chennai autorickshaw drivers are notorious. and they are ready to rob you if they see foreigners. you need to bargain a lot while taking a auto.


welcome to Chennai!!!

About work it depends on what field you choose, we are good in IT...
Chennai is a good place to live, but climate would be terrible in summer.Am sure it would be a nice place to live!!!

If you feel missing your french pals, pay a visit to Puducherry
3-4 Hrs drive from Chennai. You can see them there.French is considered as official language  in Puducherry.

It's completely safe to live here.

Enjoy your stay


Hi everybody, my name is Gabriele, I am a 31 single mane from Italy. Right now I live in Shanghai but I have received a job offer in Chennai and I am thinking about relocation. I am desperatly looking for info about the city, I have never been there and I do not know what to expect. I would like to know how could be life of a single man there, I am still wondering if accepting the job offer or not and your suggestions would be very helpful. I have got used to the life in Shanghai that is extremly exciting and fast, I am very much afraid of the change in Chennai. Please help me!!! Thanks.

Hi Gabri
Welcome to chennai, Only thing that's worrying is temperature!!!
It's very hot!!!

In chennai life would simple and quick.

You can learn Tamil easily, Even with English you can survive   well and good.


Hello Everybody,
We arrived to Chennai in few weeks ago. I would like to find out a lots about Tamil Nadu and Indian culture!
We are a Hungarian couple, my husband has a job I just try learn about India and explore it.
We'll leave in August.

tanks your attention :)


I'm French and I'm 24 years old. I'm coming in Chennai beginning of May to work.

I'm looking for an apartment or somebody who would like to share an apartment in the south of chennai.

Is it difficult to find an apartment ? Do you know some websites to find an apartment.

Is it difficult to be alone for a girl?  Is it easy to meet some people ?

Thank you


Hi Bina

   Welcome to chennai

   Filter your search in

   easy to find apartment in chennai,Safe to be in chennai for a girl.

   South Chennai is one among costlier areas....

Hi Mughilan

Thank you for your websites. It's great.

I began to look for quickly on these sites but I'm always waiting my VISA and I think I will look for really an appartment when I will be in Chennai.