Expats in Buga

Somewhere between Manizales and Cali lies a small community called Buga. I have been an educator for 30 years, and I am currently engaged in a TESOL certification program.  Retirement is two years away, and I want to continue teaching, but I want to use my skills someplace totally different to where I am used to.  I have decided to spend this summer in Colombia, and I am looking for a small community to engage in my own personal internship.  My services are free because I will be learning as much, if not more, than I am teaching. But I am hoping to connect with a legitimate educational service that would allow me to work within their facility to provide me with guidance.   I really need to see for myself if I can do this.

I would like to connect with any expat that has, or is currently
living in Buga.  I would like to know a little bit about the community from the eyes of a transplant.  What can I anticipate with regards to housing, provisions, leisure, and expense.  I will be there on a shoe string, and that is how I will like it.  My guitar, a radio, some books and I am good.



Hello millerb124,

You might want to check the previous discussion on forum Columbia you might be enlighten and get some contact at the same time.

Best of luck,

Hi Bruce. I have been to Colombia many times, but never to Buga.  I was just curious why Buga? It is not a town one hears too much about.  Stan

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