Korean Red Ginseng

Does anyone have experience buying this in HCMC? What about the stall that is in Lotte Mart? Is that a good and reliable brand name of product? Interested to take this to lower cholesterol levels. Thanks

I am just hoping that a kind knowledgeable Korean native can help throw some light on this topic. Cam on

Try Lotte on 3/2 Street in Quan 10. First Lotte level, around the R/H rear as you enter.

It is also available in quality Chinese medicine stores and other shops in Cho Lon.

I am aware where to buy the Ginseng. With so many brands, I wonder how reputable is the brand they presently stock in Lotte Mart. That was my query. Thanks.

From my experience in the Chinese retail area, price is a good guide to quality.

Smaller storekeepers are a good source of advice as they protect their reputation.

Hi, I don't have experience with the Lotte Mart ginseng in HCMC, so you might want to just ignore this, but I can tell you in Seoul, the price of ginseng at Lotte Mart was 2-3 times the price of ginseng in the local market.  Hope this helps.