Spanish girl looking for someone to do language exchange (English)


I live in Blanes and I'm looking for someone with who I can speak English. In return I could help you with your Spanish :)


Hi Nathbb,

welcome on the Girona forum! :)

You could post an ad in the Girona classifieds > Community - language exchange as well.

All the best,

Hello, I live in GIrona and actually I look for someone who could teach me some spanish :) If you come to Girona regularly we could make double classes, I would help you with English and you could teach me some spanish? (althoug I am polish, I did my two MAs of English one in France and one in Poland). I hope to hear from you!


Que Tal?

I am indian male looking to learn spaninsh. My mail id is  pushan71[at]

My name is sardar and i just moved form UK to Spain Madrid I need some one who teach me Spanish currently I am going to school to learn but I need some one who personally help me to teach I can pay his/her fee.

hi would be happy to chat with you as there is a few things that i have been trying to find out in spanish also this is about blanes my name is pearl and i am from northern ireland .

hi Girona how are you i will be happy to talk with you my email is ahmed4082(at)

Hola Nathbb,
My name is Linda, I live in Vancouver Canada and English is my native language.  I am sure you are looking for conversational not written English, but, I would be interested in hearing from you about Girona.. you could practice your English while telling me about Spain.  My Spanish is extremely limited altho I am willing and eager to learn.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Linda  :D

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