New Expat arriving end of August - Need Help!

Hello Everyone,

I am moving to Riyadh from U.S. in the end of August. I have couple of questions that I need some help with. I will be staying around Al Rayaan area.
1) My husband will be flying end of September and I need to have a high speed internet before he comes over. The speed he is looking for is between 6 to 8 mbs. After reasearching and asking from the members, this is was I have found so far.
    DSL Internet: DSL is reliable and still the best internet in Riyadh. How can I get DSL installed in my appartment? I will have to aplly for Iqama once I land, I am not sure how long that will take. Can my company apply for DSL account for me?
    4G LTE: What companies are available and are best in my area, if anyone knows? Are these stable and fast connection? Where and how do I apply for these? What would be the closes location from where I will be staying?
        Do I have anyother internet solutions?

2) There are electronics that we want to bring to Riyadh like laptops, routers, cordless telephone, led screen, lamps, etc. Would they work in Riyadh? What kind of sockets do Riyadh has? If anyone can post a picture link. If its different than the U.S. Standard, Will I be able to get extentions on top?

3) I have a 18month old son that will fly with my husband as well. I am looking to hire a live in/out nanny. I did search on expat-blog, but is there other ways to find a nanny. On the website there are limited choices. Any help would be appreciated.

1- Your understading about DSL is quite right. It's still the best available option. But will require Iqama that takes roughly 2-3 weeks upon landing. Some friend can help but better take it in *your* ID. Do consider the Fiber-Optics based option.

4G LTE is not trust-worthy at all (at the moment) and the technology will take some time to get stable. I am using 3.5G which is simply great. In fact, it's not yet the right time to invest in 4G LTE. The 'pure' (non-LTE) 4G will hopefully be available in the early next year.

2- Sockets are all mixed up (UK and USA standards mainly with rare AUS ones). Even 2 voltages are supplied -- 110V and 220V. But don't you worry about the equipement b'coz  socket and voltage convertors are very easily available in hardware or electric stores.

3- Nannies are *hard* to get. Bottomline: everyone gets one and so you will :)

Regarding th Internet, you already seem to know more than me.

Saudi has odd rules on electrical sockets but generally does not follow any rules. You generally find. Amid of euro, us and uk sockets in each place with both 127V and 220V power.

On the nanny, if you live on a compound they will come and find you. I think the first one called to us ant 10 mins after we moved in! I am not sure how it works out in the real world.

hope you and your family arrive safely

for the nany you can try this international school
it name is Al-Hikma International School, phone number is 4656351
their nursery is very good, may be they can help you finding good nany.

for the internet connection I add my opinion to The Legend's opinion: go for DSL and consider the fiber optics
here is the STC page: … ritLang=en
4G is not working in all areas plus all wireless connections here sometimes drop down

service providers are
Zain SA
Atheeb Go

discuss with your employer if they can help you to get the DSL if the Iqama going to take long time.

have a nice day

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