Saudi Council of Engineers - certificates attestation time

call this no... 920020820

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When this will apply


I have a query on the documents to be summited to SCE. I have my document with Red Ribbon but not attested(PRC and Transcript of records). Do I have to make the document attested by KSA embassy in Manila? Can I submitt my document without attestation.


Hellow dear;

Have you Applied for your SEC registration, or any information regarding your issue.

I have little bit different case from you, I have got B-tech (Bachelor of technology) dgree (2 Years) after DAE, I want to inquire if I can apply for SEC member ship, If you have received any information kindly share with me.

HI all
I am currently registering my self to the SCE website. I am an electronics engineer. My profession was first student then I gave kafala to one saudi. Due to the rule that 21 yrs. above could not stay under father kafala. At that time I was not having an attested degree that's why my profession is currently a labor and when I am registering to the site. It is giving me a message like this:

"" Your profession in your Iqama ID non engineer please visit any Saudi council of engineer's branches to collect a labor letter for changing profession as an engineer. After changing your profession please register again at SCE website.""

What should I do? Could anyone help me on this? If I will change my profession with the visit to the office then why do I need to register again to SCE website

Azam Saleem


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I have Computer Engineer Visa and working since 2011. What is the way to register in in the SCE, Please give me the link.

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today is the last day with SEC old online application now from tomorrow they have started new procedure, those they have,t submitted their application, until today automatically all the data will be removed from their sites, Now their is new link for registration for SEC......


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have you tried

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how to register to SCE for renewal of my iqama?

I am a Electronic & communication Engineer by profession and my company is in "green" category. Recently my company's administration told me to be registered on SCE for the renewal of my Iqama,change of profession & Sponsorship.  April -2013,but my profession on Iqama is non engineer.when i trying to do registration its showing message as ""my profession on iqama is non -engineer and kindly visit nearest SCE to get labor letter to change your profession and register then after"".Kindly advise me how i should proceed to change my profession on my Iqama

Note:I have all certificates attested by saudi embassy in india

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I am a civil Engineer in profession, my company told me to register to SCE for the purpose of my iqama. But almost 2 weeks now i'm registering online until now i'm not yet finish due to some problems in the first step during i entry my "access no, visa no and passport no". The server always display that " cannot verify identity". That's why i am requesting some assistance if what will be the best way in order to complete the first step so that i can proceed to succeeding pages.


dear sir,
i had provided already requirements needed for registration,still waiting for response.

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asslamo alakam
sir i want to change my professional fane kemye to mohndas kemye.
what is the procedure.Actualy my qualification is BSC Chemical Engineer.i have aal the dgree.Actualy i am living in riyadah of ksa .i am living here with my family is living here with me on visit viza.i want that my family live with me on permanent viza.therfore i want to change the professional on my iqama.sir please help me about this matter.
my email id is [email protected]

please guide me procedure for attestation of my Mechanical engineering degree which is requirment for iqama renewal .

Hi guys ..

I would want to know whether Attestation from Saudi Embassy is a must for getting registered in SCE ??..

I want to get registration of Saudi council of engineers.

I am having B.E in Electronics and Communication but in iqama my is Computer engineer. Will I get SCE certificate and what is the procedure to do so. My iqama is expiring in the last week of June.
Thanks a lot,

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Dear Friends

I need to register in saudi council of engineer,whats the procedure,kindly send me the details



Syed Tanveeruzzaman

I want to get registration of Saudi council of engineers.

Asalam Guys iam New Here, i need 1 Conformation only Engineers Must
Register to SCE. why not Auto CAD Draftsman?

I am engg graduate from Anna University,Tamilnadu.

Now working in as IT engineer in a company in Riyadh for the past 5 months.

But my profession as per iqama and visa is civil draftsman.

Now the company agreed to change my iqama designation as IT engineer.

All I need is each and every step of process to be done for it.

As my company is also not sure how to do this..

Note : I have all my original certificate and mark list without any attestation.

Please help me..

I need to register in Saudi Engineering Council as a requirement for the renewal of my IQAMA.

it is pleasure for me to be SEC registered \engineer

iN LAST 3 WEEKS i REPEATLY TRY ... mY PAPERS IN THE OFFICE ANF THANK god I submit all requirement early morning tommorrow... 18 May 2013  Carlos B. Bacho QC Landscape Engr./Inspector  23034436...

ahmedshakeeb wrote:

HI Guys,

I came to Ksa 8 months ago on Engineer Visa and still I dont have iqama due to some problems in the company but now its solved and they are making my iqama, they said me now to register myself in SCE since it is must now for new iqama too. when iam entering my border number and visa number in the form its saying not valid, i dont know whats the problem, may be its 8 months now visa no. and entry no. is expired or what please guys help for this issue what i should do now??

Dude, it is a serious issue. You need to talk to the Saudi representative in your company and let him know about the situation. SCE registration is mandatory and yes, it is required before you renew your Iqama. But I don't know why SCE is not accepting your Visa#. Let your company handle this situation for you because it is their fault that they couldn't manage to get Iqama for you earlier.

Good luck.

sir.. any update in your iqama? How long does it take to process the registration?

Kindly Tell me the URL for registration in SEC for Expatriats

Is anyone trying to change profession to engineer? If I try to register on their website, I am getting the following message:

"Your profession in your Iqama non engineer please visit any Saudi council of engineer's branches to collect labor letter for changing profession as an engineer. After changing your profession please register again at SCE website"

I went to the engineering council and they are asking for original arabic translation of the degree. Has anyone submitted his arabic translation because as far as I know, they want copies not original.

hi frndz. i have three years diploma of associate engineer in civil technology from pak.sce don't entertain three years diploma of assoiate engineering, now my  question is that i am working in construction company as a sub-engineer civil, but my profession title on iqama is tile fixer. can it possible that i get profession title of sub-engineer civil on my iqama with dae civil. and what is the arabic word for sub-engineer, or thanks

I'm Danilo Jamandra, working as civil engineer here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1997. My iqama already expired and need to be renewed but our H.O. told me to get letter to Saudi Council before they will able to renewed my Iqama. Please tell me how to get letter to SCE and how to submit my requirement to them to enable me to be a member of SCE. Many thanks!

You can register with Saudi Engineering Council from the link mentioned below but your profession in your iqama should be Engineer. If it is not engineer, you need to visit Saudi Council office to get a letter addressed to labor office to change the profession.


i need to attest my engineering certificates in order to work properly according to the saudi rules

please,need help, i'm electronics engineer, I need to renew my SCE,
what is the procedure?,and how many years is the validity of SCE membership?


I need to fill up the form from SCE.  As I have yet no iqama, it asks for your borber (border??) number.  Can someone tell me where to find this number ?