Indian grocery stores or Lunch Services (Tiffin) in Santiago

Hi all,

I shall be there in Santiago by July 2012.

I wish to know where I can buy Indian grocery and is there anyone providing tifin services.

I heard that some Sindhi-Indian family do provide the meals.

Please help me to have their contact and any other relevant information.

I am planning to stay there till December 2012.



I do not live in Santiago but when visiting I have never been able to find even a decent restaurant. If you manage to locate this service then let us know you will make many people happy!
Enjoy your trip
Patricia 2312

Harry's mini market on Manuel Mont in Providencia has Indian spices.

Walker Rowe

Are you in Santiago right now? (September 17th) Please let me know because I'm looking for a Teacher of Hindi language for the next 3 months.
please send email to [email protected]

Hello Sarita.

I invite you to start a new thread on the Santiago forum with your questions on Hindi language. :)

Thank you,

Dear ,

Pl let me knw some
Indain Place to chile....with  Indian food


Mail Me:[email protected]

Plenty of Indian food/restaurants in Santiago, including GOOD Indian food, e.g., Majestic on Santo Domingo. As regards non-Indian food, Santiago has much more to offer.

R u in chile please tell me about place to stay is it good to settle there

I was in Santiago for quite sometime... have now moved to Luxembourg. Best of luck with your move to Chile. It is a great country.

you can always go to La Vega market, you'll be amazed how much variety you will find there.

Dear Mahesh, I have same question. Do you know any. I have just arrived. Please help