Degree Attestation From Saudi Embassy - Requirement of Letter from Emp

Your employer need to send the letter to Saudi culture in from company address in sealed envelop.

I need your help. I'm stuck in degrees attestation at some points in my documents. How can I contact you, please?

i want to ask my company based on jeddah i am working in dammam. i want to apply family visa after the appointment should i go istekdam office jeddah or Dammmam.

I need same help.if anyone help me

May you give your contact number plz

My University degree and passport has one vowel Ahmad / Ahmed 'a' and 'e' mismatch and due to this the Saudi Culture has objected on degree attestation.

Is there any supporting document I can submit like solicitor affidavit to resolve this case.

I faced only vowel mismatch in my father name Ahmad, Ahmed i.e. 'a' and 'e' but Saudi Culture objected my degree for mismatch with degree and passport

pls. advice any affidavit can be submitted to solve this issue promptly?

@naseer_babar110 but if spelling are different hec does not attest it, first strp is hec attestation, how can we go to embassy without there attestation 

I done HRD Ministry in India now. I get employment letter from my company with chamber of commerce attest. How shall I get saudi embassy attestation now ? Kindly support please
@Faisal Tasleem

 Hello Faisal, I got worried after reading your comments. The same problem is with me. 

In my opinion, I present the following possible solutions;

1. I think you should take FRC (Family Registration Certificate) from NADRA on behalf of your FATHER showing the names of the children of your father against the CNIC No's. Then attach a copy of your CNIC and forward it to the SAUDI CULTURE. (Both attested from MOFA).

2. Do you have your CNIC printed in English? if so do the spellings on CNIC according to passport? if so your problem is solved.

I'm curious to know what will you do to get rid of this issue. Kindly do share what solved your problem.

@nnrajsoft Hi, After HRD process you must do MEA, Saudi cultural and then Embassy attestation. You can't do the other processes by yourself. You must hire a Attestation or visa agent to do it.  

Make sure your offer letter/ contract letter is attested by Chamber of commerce and MOFA and you must submit the ORIGINAL Offer letter for above processes. Good luck 
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