I'm Looking for Guitar lessons

I'm Looking for Guitar lessons preferably privet lessons ..


Hi NaifAlwably!

An introduction maybe? :whistle:


Hi Armand thanks for asking

My Name is Naif/ Saudi / moved recently to khobar.

The reason I asked here in this forum becuase I heard that some of expatriats  search for part time jobs FUN JOBS like teaching music, gradening .... 

I prefer non-arabic teacher coz it would be much comfortable for me and my wife.

did you find any?

If.you are still interested there is someone who teaches music lessons in my apartment. I can send you a.pic of their advert.


Hi everyone,

Just to inform you that this is an old thread  :(

@ Mike, maybe you could request that person to drop an advert in the Music classes in Khobar so that members can contact him.

All the best,

Hi Bhavna,

And sorry for not noticing that this was an old thread. I will get in contact with the person who is offering music lessons and suggest they put a post on expat.com.



I'm interested if your guy is still doing the lessons?  Can you send details please


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