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Hi Jullien,

Thanks for posting this thread. I wish to embark on a journey to teach English in Mauritania, but finding potential jobs is proving to be very difficult. why? firstly I can't seen to find any job listing sites for Mauritania.

If you know of any links, please do share



Hi Elias,

have you posted your resume in the jobs section ?

   I am an electronics technician like television /led/lcd/computer and cell phones I am in this field since 18 years
at present I have my own workshop at my home town I request you for looking any job I want to come there 
I want job Please reply at your convenience time I await your your reply Please do something for me
I have all certificates of TV engineering /computer software - hardware /cell phone diploma
    if you can help me for job please reply me


You need to be proactive and start looking for work by going online, finding companies and contacting them for work.

Every country section of this forum has a jobs section at the top of this page. You can create your CV and post it there. Simply posting on different threads will not find you a job.

You have posted on a thread that is old(2012) and irrelevant to you. The thread is just to inform members about a new section of the forum that has been opened.

Thanks bro

Hi there

Any business opportunities in wellness industry in Mauritania?