2for1 Offers in Riyadh - Spazio, Noodle House, InterCon etc

Has anybody purchased the Entertainer book over here yet?  We have used it in Dubai before and picked it up over here a few weeks back.  I don't think many people know about it yet as only seen it in Jarir so far, but it really can save you so much money if you use it just a few times a month.  We have honestly saved so much over the past decade due to this book and cannot believe they have managed to make one in Saudi!!!

Would you be so kind to give us more details of the offers in the book? and the cost of the book?

Have to admit have never heard of it!

Hi jamesc,

can you give us more information on this book please?



Hi both, it's a book full of 2for1 vouchers that you can use in a lot of the places in Riyadh and indeed all over Saudi.  You get 3 vouchers per place and basically you pay for 1 main course and your dining partner gets theirs free.  The web site is entertainerme.com and you can also link through to a Saudi facebook page which has the full list.
We are spending more time in Saudi through work recently and have found this forum very helpful so thanks everyone.  Anymore questions please ask.

This book is popular in the US.  I never got my money's worth BUT I had friends who every week would go someplace different for dinner to use the 2-for-1 coupon from the book.  It gave them a little 'adventure' to go someplace they wouldn't normally go. They loved it and would give coupons they didn't use to friends.

We used it in Spazio last night, food was good and the view is amazing! I'd say we are close to saving the cash within 3 vouchers.

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