Krav Maga practitioners?


Just wondering if anyone goes to the K1 fight factory for Krav Maga class in Dist 2? I just arrived, will be here for a couple of years and i'm really interested to pick up Krav Maga (they do teach girls right?). I live in D1 and it'd be great if anyone wants to share a cab or a ride to the K1 gym and back.

Depending on the time i would be interested, have you done any training in Krav Maga before ?? i live in D1 as well and don't have a motorbike lol


I haven't tried the classes at K1, but I have a friend name Son who teaches Brazillian Jujitsu around District 4.

As for myself, I have 5 years of experience in Kodenkan Jujitsu, but don't teach.

Goog day!

My name is Marion (Female, French, 21) I am looking for krav maga courses in HCM.
I coming to HCM for several months. I have one krav maga year background (2014-2015).
Do you have informations regarding clubs.
Thank you!


I love KM too. But it seems there's no such training club for KM now in HCMC.

Let's try this K1 factory, it's also very good.

>> 100 Xuân Thủy - phường Thảo Điền Quận 2 TP.HCM


Hi there my name is Tony and in my opinion if you want great instruction at a state of the art gym with English spoke Instructors have a look at the dedicated martial arts gym at Saigon Sports in D7.n Classes for all levels in all martial arts. Krav Maga is taught by Steve and two classes a day Monday to Friday Saturday day off and Sunday 2 classes also.
I have been going for three months now 3 times a week and it is great
come an give it a try as mixed bag of ages and male and female

Would you mind to tell me the cost, time table or guide me to its website (English).
Thanks. Charlotte

Any expat instructors teaching krav maga in HCM?

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