Ballroom Dancing in Hamburg

I just moved to Hamburg almost 3 months ago from Singapore. At the moment I am learning Deutsch at Colon.

I am totally into ballroom dancing and am wondering if I can get any advice / recommendation on ballroom dancing in Hamburg. Where can I search for a dance partner? and if anyone has any recommendation for school / teacher?
I had trial classes at Club Ceronne. It was good but I need a partner to join the class that I wanted.

Thanks a lot for your input! :)

Hi Serena, Welcome to Hamburg. I stated learning Tango. I found lots of places to dance so far. of course tango it is not the same as ballroom dancing, but my comments is just to point out that I have seen lots of places to go dancing. hope by now you have got more guidance. Regards.

Hi Luis,
Thank you! I have found a number of Vereine and Tanzstudios, I have a Verein in mind, however since I don't have a partner, it's a bit more challenging to attend the class as it's only for couples. Cheers.

Hey Serenachen, there are also websites where you can post an add to find a dancing partner: e.g.

(@ LuisGomez, how comes I haven't seen you yet?! I go tango dancing almost every night!! :) Where do you go usually?)

Hi ma_layka, thanks for the reference! I have started my classes with Club Ceronne and happy so far. I haven't found the right partner yet but there are a couple of men to dance with :-)
Btw, I am also a member of sportspass.

Cheers, Serena

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