n00b in Riyadh

Hi everyone,

I've recently moved over from England; to teach English for the Prep Year in KSU.  The forum has a whole load of helpful and useful stuff that I've been reading; and I look forward to being part of this e-community and beseeching your help ;)

Hi Britisher,

Nice to hear from you!

How are you finding it in Riyadh so far?  I am moving from London to Riyadh in August and don't know what to expect? I will be teaching in a British school and will be staying in Al Hamra compound.  Are residing there?  If so, can you please let me know how it is and if you are enjoying it.

Welcome to the forum!:D Hope you have a great time in Riyadh!:)

Welcome On board to KSA !! Have a safe and nice time. BTW Al-hamara compound is one of the best @ Riyadh.


Welcome to the Kingdom and the forum!

Welcome to Riyadh Britisher. Hope you enjoy your stay here.



Welcome to the Kingdom @ britisher

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