Where to go - Karnataka, Andra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu

I would be grateful if anybody helped me.I am curently negotiating my working conditions in India. There are few possibilities in terms where I could go. Of course I know that Bangalore is best but I probably will be offer smaller city in one of this three states (Karnataka, Andra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu). Which one would you recomend? Or there is a city you could recomed there. I will go with my wife and two kids (4 and 10 years old)for min. 2 years.

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Bangalore is the Best place...

If you have choice seek Karnataka State and Mysore city if it is not possible seek Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad city and finally Chennai or Pondicherry. You have not given much information about your qualification and the work being offered.

I prefer you should travel across India, all the place within India is best. :top:

I will recommend you to go to  Karnatka :)