Rajasthan .. need apartment for a few months.

We will be spending a few months in Rajasthan later in the year when the weather is cooler there... I am still undecided about which city to stay but leaning toward Udaipur..  I look for a studio or one bedroom apartment, clean, Indian style .. not looking for luxury, but internet/wifi is important for our online work..
Any information on the best place with ease of finding an apartment would be appreciated... Will consider Jaipur, Jodhpur, or any other city.
Thank you.

Hi Allaround,

I invite you to post an advert in the Housing in India section please as it might help :)

Thank you


try olx.in    or  quicker.com

yuo may find better options there......otherwise if you are not able to find it.

i may help you

amit.dogra2@gmail.com   or 999 01 01 790


Thank you Amit Dogra ... i will look on those sites you have suggested..  :top:

Can help you finding a studio Apartment in Jaipur. Are you looking for a shared apartment or a separate one for yourself. Also, any idea on you budget will be a help.

Thank you Katherine .. my husband and i would need an apartment for ourselves .... for approx. 3 months beginning in late December or, since our timing is flexible.... could make it when the apartment is available.. Budget would be under 17,000.INR per month.
Thank you for any assistance you can provide..

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Dear friend please let me which area you prefer to stay?mlodhi31@gmail.com