an indian coming to algeria for joining new job

I am an india, my name is deepak bhatia and has got a good offer from kraytem co. of algeria , i shall be joining as estimation manager.
pl. inform me about the kraytem co. and also about the availabilty of indian veg food in algeria


deepak bhatia

Dear Deepak,

Meat in Algeria is very expensive, so you won't get any problem to find beg food.

I went in New delhi to times in 2007, I can ensure you that Algier looks like to Delhi, but with different people (Algerian).

I hope you 'll enjoy yourself there.

please tell me the cost of living in algeria skikda,can i get accomodation for family?reply early

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Hi. Do we have any English schools in Algers please?

can anyone pleaseeeeeee reply to my question about english school. thanx

hi deepak, is it u 4m OPSC/OMC.
this is SKP from CFCL

hi which company are u comming un to

Mr SKP which company are u comming u in and what information u need please let know will get clear cut information and for expats life is very tough. No security problems but depends on the company which ur working as they have diffrent rules and regulations due to the security reasons. For some companies expats cannot move at all from homes and office any where out withot escort or security as in Nigeria Port hardcort area.

Food is mainly Non Vegeterian Eurpoean mixed with Arab touch, Eating out is very tough and troublesome no enjoyment.

There are manny more things if any help required please let know  details if required.
Please also let know where will be ur place of work as if Algiers capital working there is good other places need to think twice.

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There are NO English Schools in Algeria ......Sil vous Plais

I get offer from SORFERT at ARZEW. my only consideration is English Medium School for my child.
Hope Arzew is good city to live
There is English medium School.
What a better if find school with Indian CBSE syllaby.

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My boss is indian, he has a child of 12 years old, he is studying in an english school in algiers.But it is so costly (800dollar)per Month

Hi Monastir,

I will be moving to Algeria by mid July, can you pls let me know the name of the school where your boss's son study?


Hi Guys

I am Deepak, Coming to Arzew/Oran, Algeria by Oct2011, please let me know the cost of living, Veg and Non Veg Food, and English Schooling.

How are the accomodations, night life and the life out there

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algeria is good country
i am in Algeria 2005
i know very good Algeria


i one school in english school in Alger but very very high cost

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