Thursday Nite

Where's the best happy hour on thursday nites?


As in: cheapest? busiest??


Belgian Bar, Grand Millenium, TECOM can be good.

Try Nelsons or Crown and Lion - both in Tecom

Or Blends at The Address in Dubai Marina

Thanks for the info..I live in JBR so I will definitely try Blends on Thur and who knows maybe I'll venture over to Tecom as well....


Guarantee if you go to Blends initially then you'll be there for the whole evening and not venture onto anywhere else.

Be aware that Thursday is ladies night in there so there'll be plenty of choice for you :P

Sounds good to me...So that means you'll most likely be there on Thurs?:D


In fact, my son may be visiting me this weekend from Al Ain and I promised him we'd go out and have a ball as it's been a while since we've had a good bingey night out.  Will let you know if we're going :D

I had actually forgotten that I'd promised him we'd pay a visit there if he's home tomorrow

Cool....and that sounds great.....

Hi SD did you manage to visit Blends on Thursday.  My son didn't return for weekend so I stayed in with my best mate - a bottle of wine :D;)

Actually no I didn't, one of my friends had a Bday party for his girlfriend so I went there instead...Great nite though...I'll definitely be hitting it up this weeken if nothing unusual

Have a gud un if you do go

Will do and thanks....


hey guys! i ve heard a lot about this Blends place but never been there ... so many times was planning to try it ... anyway, where s that Address in Dubai Marina exactly?

Dubai Marina Mall at The Address

oh thanks! will definitely go there as a bit fed up visiting same places every weekend )) tks again

Hope you enjoy :D

Surely I'm due an extra gold star by now? :rolleyes:

)) no doubts ;))

   Did you make it to Blends??  If so, did you enjoy yourself?  I started off at Trader Vics on Sheik Zayed Road and then to Blends, had a really nice time....


hey snip-dogg! ))

no, i 've just saw ur messages here ) so i was planning to go there this thursday )

u r sayin it's nice one? )) now i m sure i m goin there lol

btw i ve been once @ trader vics, but didnt like it much ...

Yes Trader Vics is okay, I use to go to the one in Madinat Jumeriah all the time but got tired of it, as well as Jam Base...But yes Blends in the Address Hotel, Dubai Marina was recommended and I went this past thursday..Oh it's really nice...I'll be there this thursday as


that s cool, wow u going there again ) means u really liked it,
well i wl do my best to make it there )
tks for advise ;P

Ok no problem and who knows, if we run into each other and you don't like the free drinks they offer ladies, then the drinks will be on!!!!


wow! u r ready to treat lol thats cool, in this case FROM NOW i m refusing from free drinks ;D

No problem, then the drinks will be on me...see u on

cooooooool, let's see what ll happen lol

hey! how will i recognize u? if u will wear a red pioneer tie - i will come up directly to u lol

Oooh me thinks a friendship is blossoming here :P

Just before Valentines Day too ;)

loool yeah
i was about to invite u in since u r a starter ;P

I'll have to post what i'll be wearing but it won't be a red pioneer tie, maybe a blue one..ok, just kidding, i'll decide later in the


That is right, Valentine's day,,,hmmm, i do like

ok, check what outfit u gona have on u ) and let us know ;P

a chocolate? heart-shaped? lol

No problem...I the clock is off for me today...Gotta run, it's time to hit the highway home....will be online later...


i gotta go as well ... take care all ;P


Count down to thurs nite, looks like Blends for is everyone going to wind down from a long week?


I shall probably be a boring old fart and stay in :|

Naw, you're only as old as you feel...Age is nothing but a number...YOu deserve a break, so don't sit around at home, you can do that on saturday evening...The weeken is made for enjoyment with the last few hours dedicated to


Thanks SD but not really in the partying mood at the moment.  Please let us know if anything transpires in the romance dept. tomorrow night :P

Sublime @Ibis World Trade Center for me on Thursday...Tonight is salsa night at Blends and I will be there "work on my moves" so I can not do Blends two nights...LOL...BTW, Wed is also free drinks for chickas :)