Filipinos in Marrakesh?

Any Pinoy living in Marrakesh?

Hi shayne1 and welcome to!

I think that a little introduction would have been welcomed.;)
Are you a filipino yourself?
Are you an expatriate?


want to meet up with some pinoy in marrakesh during our holiday in February.

I think he just ignored you , Harmonie :)


Arrived in Marrakech for slightly over two weeks now. I am looking for a Pinoy group in the area, i'm from Davao.

hoping to hear from anyone soon!

Hi Im a Filipina going to Marrakech. I will work as Croupier. I want to meet new friends.

Hi Angelie11,

Welcome to the forum.

This is an old thread, you might not get any response.
It would be better if you create your own thread on the Marrakech forum while introducing yourself.

All the best,

Welcome to Marrackech.


thank you..


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