housewife, Hep B carrier, IQAMA in KSA


I got yellow paper for family visa in Saudi .

When she went to GAMCA , She has been said she is TPHA reactive, has been asked to come after 15 days.

Please suggest me.

Whether she is been declared UNFIT or it's just a matter of treatment.

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Hi, am a housewife with hepatitis C positive and I want to know if their will be issue going to stay with my husband in Saudi am very worried in this matter, plz help me out.

Dear Sister,

Exactly what kind of issue you have ? kindly explain......

Send me an email, i will give a contact who solve your issue.

Dear All,

I wanted to know that if someone having HCV + but PCR is clear and also HCV is non-reactive in the report.
ETIMAD office ISB told us that we need to bring Family insurance from Saudi Arabia.
after that we need to submit our papers in Etimad ISB with Unfit Report. The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
endorse the VISA. !!!!!!!!

I just want to know that anyone got the visa from Saudi Arabian Embassy with this condition ?????

kindly Reply ASAP.......

Dear All,

My name is hadier - I just came back to Pakistan - I worked for 22 years in Saudi Arabia.

The reason I came back to Pakistan as I have a new job offer and I quit my previous company based on one condition that I will not claim anything from my employer, had no choice as I wanted to come back and get to another job so I signed the condition letter and came back.

Within a week I got my documents from agent to proceed for medical test without thinking I went to GAMCA and medical center straight after that - was worried a lot as I am smoker thought my lungs may not come clear however after 1 week I went to collect my report and found out they failed me due to HCV positive.

I went to another doctor for checkup and the result was the same its say 26.17 percent not sure what is that - now I am waiting for my PCR.

Anyone here has any acknowledge if I get my PCR clear and is there are any chances for me to go back? and there is any chance or way that medical center can accept my PCR and can declare me fit?

Please guide.

Thank you and best regards,


Like I said I have hepatitis C and I just wanted to know if They will be any problem staying with my husband, I don't want to work just go and stay with him, am in uk  and my husband try to get me a visiting visa but somehow their refused him for some stupid thing to do with igma am really fed up it's been 1y I don't know maybe their have issue with pakistani

naseem haidar :

Dear Sister,

Exactly what kind of issue you have ? kindly explain......

Send me an email, i will give a contact who solve your issue.

If you can help us that will be great please or if you know agent that can help us to do in cheap that will be great barakAllahu feek bro, May Allah swt reward you in this holy mths of Ramadan and reward you jannah el firdaws ameen ya Rahman

How can I send you email? Am new in this

Can anyone help me with ma query
Recently I have been applied for residence visa by ma hubby who works in Saudi and underwent medical for ye same thru gamca an the result was disclosed as hcv positive but I checked thru all other diagnostic center and anti hcv is negative and my pcr report us also negative but the gamca center is not willing to accept my pcr report and issue fitness certificate
Kindly help me how do I proceed when I go to hepatologist they say when u don have hcv how can that b treated and I'm unsure y the gamca reports only shows positive and reactive while other reports are negative

Please help how to proceed

I wish I can help but am also in the same boat :(

Dear All,

I am diagnosed hep c after my arrival in Saudi Arabia, its been almost one year I am here. Can you tell me how I should get the treatment and what is the procedure. Interestingly my spouse is a doctor but we are worried to disclose it, is there any possibility that they can cancel my visa and send me back. I have Aqama.


Hi dear I think it's better you go back to were you from, my advice no to have treatment in Saudi, their is 2 treatment injection and pills I had in uk, I will send you information about it. About the visa I think you need to go back to the agency were you have your igma done am not sure dear but you can tell them the issue … b_file.pdf I hope this will help as your husband is a doctor and will understand dear


There is no company as such, it,s the hospital management who provided me the Aqama. Now it's been one year I am in Saudi Arabia. I can not go back alone as my children are quite very young so not feasible for me. My wife can not resign. Any one Saudi Arabia who,s dependant got the disease and got treatment in Saudi Arabia. Please help on this issue. We have medical insurance and every thing in all Saudi Arabia as my wife is a doctor.


What about Hapetitis A . Is there a problem to get  a work visa to Saudi Arabia ?
Please et me know

My medical report is unfit due to vdrl. I have family visa . Please help me how I can for visa stamp in Pakistan.

sid1984 :

plz any 1 who have info about this I have the same problem can I get iqama in ksa to live with my husband?? plz help :sosad:

what happened to your case?
please give us some updates

MrsNorris :


I have completed my medicals here in Saudi and got my iqama last week. Again, I have spoken to a Saudi doctor here in Dammam, and he basically said the following:
for non-employment visas, positive hep c and hep b results should not cause visa cancellation as long as the virus has been treated and is non-reactive. If the virus has been treated, the antibody test will still show positive, but further tests (like PCR and RNA) will be negative. I am not sure if they do these tests during medicals in Saudi, but in any case they will run a general blood test which will show elevated liver enzymes levels if the virus is still active. I would therefore strongly suggest that your wife gets the treatment in her home country before applying for a Saudi visa - it will take a while, I had to go through almost a year of injections and pills, but it's absolutely worth it.

Please keep in mind that the above only applies for family visas - any work visa will most likely be cancelled if hep b or c is positive. I assume this is because one comes into contact with more people at a working environment, and therefore poses a greater threat for spreading the virus, especially if working in a medical/ food industry.

Did the clinic in saudi submit a blood sample to the Health Ministry?

I am also facing same situation in Qatar. So help me also..

Dear Shaeehra,

Do you have any update on the subject matter, my wife now arrived in Saudi arabia and her test for IQAMA is showing HCV positive, were you able to get IQAMA ?

Dear Khisal,

My wife just arrived to Saudi Arabia, here IQAMA medical tests are showing HCV psitive, can she get the IQAMA or not, what do i have to do ?

To issue your IQAMA you need to go to the Passport General Department (

Dear Bassam,

The problem is when i conduct the medical test for my wife the result is coming HCV positive, i want to know if Jawazat will issue IQAMA for my wife who is HCV positive.

Dear ALL,

HCV, HEP B is not a problem at all for IQAMA, my wife result was HCV postivie and Alhamdulillah i got the IQAMA today.

What I learnt is that the medical report should not be uploaded on the online Moh site , the clinic didnt upload the report online, I just took the medical report hard copy with HCV positive highlighted and submitted to Jawazat and it was accepted.  the reports are uploaded online only for worker visa and for family visa it is not compulsary.

I Hope this clear all our doubts regarding dependent visa IQAMA ISSUANCE for HEP C, HEP B carriers.

Hi everyone,

I was offered a job in saudi. done my medical and was tested hepatitis b positive. Does that mean I definitely won't get the work visa.

Hi Salma,

I faced the same problem with my wife her result was hep c for iqama test after arrival in the kingdom, but the doc said it is not a problem for  family visa but it will be a problem for work visa so i think you will face a problem during visa endorsement in ur home country.

Hi, I had similar issue with my wife too, initially the medical center gave 15 days to revert back for check up again & meanwhile we visited the doctor and his prescription of 7 days worked well to clear up this.


For family visa via Hep C/A/B is not a issue, i got Hep C for my wife and submitted the same report to Jawazat and got the Iqama without any problem.


Thank you for replying. I don't know if there is any point telling the visa agency about my medical result if it doesn't help me get a work visa then.

Dear All,

I am facing the similar issue Hep B positive. The doctor told that I am a healthy carrier and the agency told me that I have to provide a medical certificate signed by my doctor showing that I am a healthy carrier. I am not wondering for this step but as I read a couple of post when you join the country under a work visa to process the IQAMA, do they make a difference between a healthy carrier and infected profile?

Thank you.

I had the similar case with my wife and i received the IQAMA without issue, HEP B,A,C for houswife is no problem you will get the IQAMA, if your in Riyadh pleae visit Amal clinic in HARA.

My wife was same, and Allhum Du Lillah we got it. Just proceed as normal and Inshah Allah you'll get it.

Dear All,
I am getting a job offer from KSA In Riyad, I have positive hepatitis b, what should I do? I don't know how to be. what you can advise me.
For those who are getting a job offer in UAE … dence-visa .   

There is a list of professions here that cant work in UAE with hepatitis b.

Others any field you are most welcome.
In the Maldives island, you will not get any job with hepatitis b, I am the one who tried best and has been sent back.
Thank you wish you all best if you can share any information please share.

Hi all,

Please advice me.

I got yellow paper for my family. My wife went for medical at Pakistan. As today she visited again to take the medical report and the medical center told her that she had Hep B at borderline as she has "1.29" which actually should be below ".79". Medical center mentioned her to visit again after a week.

So please advice what she should do....

thanks in advance

Please go for PCR test to confirm if the hep b virus present or not.

Thanks MEH75043  for your kind reply and true advise.

But as I mentioned earlier the capacity or you can the say ratio of borderline at which my wife for "Hep B" is 1.22 as according to test center and 12 is the point where it becomes positive. So is there still any use of PCR test?

Dear brother, sometimes the virus is not available but the antibodies will show up in the blood test which wilo give you a positive result for hepb, PCR will give a clear picture.

But you can also wait and recheck again after 1 week.

Hope all r doing good.

My wife visited again yesterday as I mentioned earlier in my post about HEp B. This time after having precautionary measures of diet the value of "1.22" goes to "1.44" which is more tensed situation now because Medical center require it to be below"0.79". So that shows its a minor difference as HEP B got active(positive) at 12 according to them.

What I want to know is if suppose my wife visits in next week and same condition is there. So can she take unfit report from center and submit it to Etimad center for visa processing? Will Etimad take that report and process the visa? last but not least will Saudi Embassy in Pakistan will issue a visa with this report as my wife will not come on work visa, she is just coming on a dependent resident visa.

MEH75043 advised me to go for PCR. As my wife discussed yesterday with the nominated GCC medical center that if she got reports from outside medical center and if they r all fine, than will they accept it. They simply replied that No they will not accept any medical report outside GCC centers. So what to do with that also. Any authentic advises please .


Dear Brother,

My wife has the same problem but her hepC appeared when we did medical test for iqama here in Riyadh and the clinic re-done the test thrice i was afraid thinking they might not issue the Iqama due to this reason but one of the nurse at the clinic told me there are many similar cases and the Iqama is issued since she is a dependent and not a worker and than I submitted the same reprt showing HepC postive and Iqama was issued without any problem therefore I think it wont be a problem for you as well.

Later on just to be on save side I have done the PCR  for my wife which showed no virus detected.

Thanks MEH75043  for ur reply again.

But here the issue is not after reaching at KSA. Issue is to get the medical done with Fit status from GAMCA Pakistan first.

Did GAMCA Pakistan cleared your wife for this issue as "Fit" before coming to KSA?

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