Wating for help from people in cape town

HI everyone;

I'm going in two weeks to cape town for visiting my friend over there but at sometime i'm studying a mechanical engineering and i have only one semester left so i wish to utilize my holiday in cape town for three week by taking a business english course so i hope this period could help me through.

where could you people recommend for studying business english whether institution or school or anything that would be very useful .

thank you lovely people:)

Hello Memo altawili, you may also post an advert in Cape Town classifieds > classes section, this may help.;)



There are a number of highly reputed language colleges in Cape Town. It would help to know where you're staying.

If close to City Bowl: Boston Language College

If close to Southern Suburbs: you can try University Of Cape Town short courses.

Of course, nothing beats learning a language well better than immersing yourself. If you don't have accommodation, try one of the many house guest arrangements where you stay with a local family. I know of lots of language students who stay in beautiful Bo Kaap (a Muslim district right on the edge of the city bowl, formerly known as the Slave Quarter).

Thanks for heads up

Memo Hello!
I saw your post and look more or less the same for September of this year and for about three months, so I have thought to ask
How about? As you go there? You can easily find English school? And the price? If you send me information I appreciate it greatly!
Like if you know how is the issue of rentals there. If you rent flats to share, or rather people live alone, etc ... Even if you have references to websites where you can be watching the housing market, etc ....
Thank you very much, Beatriz.

Hi beamomac and welcome to the forum!

To look for accommodation, check out the Housing in Cape Town section where you can post your advert as well. ;)

Good luck


Ok, thank Francesca!!