Moving to ulsan

my husband and I are moving to ulsan in the beginning of next year, I wonder if someone could share the information about living in Ulsan and where to go to rent an aparment.   


Hello Novi,

Welcome to! ;)

Concerning the accommodation, maybe you could post an advert to the South Korea classifieds, section accommodation.

Good luck,

Hi Novi,

My husband and I may be moving to Ulsan some time next year towards the beginning also.  We just got back from being there 3 weeks.  I loved it.  We were in Seoul, Ulsan and Geoje Island.

We were shown apartments through a company called Coen, DKS and there is also another one called Kitco.

Also try googling it. 

Hope this helps.

Hi there,

I live in Ulsan and know many expats here. I am not clued up on finding apartments but I can tell you pretty much anything else you might want to know about Ulsan etc. Feel free to send me an email or ask anything here.