Place to hang out in Bolivia for 3-4 months


I've been backpacking around the world for a year. I'm now looking for a place in Bolivia where I would just stay for 3-4 months (till the European winter is over :-) ) starting in December 2011. The place I am imaging:

- smaller laid-back town or even a village with a pleasant climate during December - March (15 - 30 degrees Celsius, not much rain)
- safe, at least reasonably safe for South America, somewhere where you can walk around in the night
- I don't want to stay right in any touristy destination or in a big nightlife hot-spot, but still want to be able to easily (within 5-20 km, in the day as well as night) get to a nightlife, meet people (locals and tourists) on some weekends and supplies (market - supermarket), so maybe some small place close to a bigger town???
- possibly no Malaria area (I don't want to be taking the pills)

My idea is to rent a cheap (100 - 200USD) apartment / private room or anything like that with a kitchen and internet (need to work online everyday). I'm not looking for a luxury or any big attractions around, but rather laid-back and cheap.

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


Hi and welcome to the forum Jan!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the accommodation section of Bolivia classifieds.
It could help ;)


Casa Dr. Hugo Flores in Camiri.

unofficially open while parts are still under renovation.
its a bed and breakfast.

they rent to international customers. this is probably what you are looking for.

Well, this was a long time ago, but for the next person who comes along... Samaipata is just the place - rustic, cheap and civilized. Also, plenty of europeans who have settled in, but not at all touristy. Decent nightlife as long as you are looking for more of a bar/drinking scene, not so much dancing. And, since it's a little bit into the mountains, there's not much malaria.

Hi laurielf - thank you for the sharing of information and that's very nice of you but please note that this thread here is a bit old.. so i reckon you start a fresh topic with all your information or questions on the Bolivia Forum please :)