Affordable Housing

My wife and I just moved to Bali. We retired...sorta, and moved here to be near or kids who have been here for several years. We are in Canggu but want to be in Sanur, Nusa Dua or Jimbaran areas. 2 Beds and 2 baths for 130mil to 165mil annually. Any help would be appreciated

130-165 juta/year - NUTTY AS A FRUIT CAKE!

2 bed houses in Bali are commonly set at stupid prices for people without a clue to rent.

Think of it this way - Can locals on local wages afford to pay that much?

If they can't, you're being ripped off in epic fashion.

That house in one of the better estates in Jakart's suberbs would set you back 60, and that's stupidly expensive.

One more (very important point)

In paying those stupid prices, you're forcing up local rental costs, and that's hurting locals.

If memory serves, the minimum wake in Bali is less than 3 million/month - Can they, or even people on minimum X 3, afford 130/year?

10 million/month would be considered pretty good, so that's their whole salary gone on rent, and still in debt.

Perhaps a rethink of what is an acceptable rent is in order.

Well those are the prices Im seeing everywhere I look. And my kids have lived here for 8 years. But thanks for the reply.

Yes, you will see those crazy prices.

That doesn't mean they're realistic or reasonable, but you will see loads of them because foreigners are daft enough to pay them.

Estate agents realised foreigners will pay stupid prices, so they charge stupid prices.

You'll see a lot priced in USD - These are illegal transactions. If the agent can't follow one law, will they care about the rest?

A far bigger, non-pool endowed house near Jakarta will cost 60, in Java, 22 - That's a year.

In other words, you're getting royally arse shagged.

If you are looking at Sanur then make sure that you choose a place on the east side of the By-Pass road. I know that some people don't realise that if you choose a place on the western side then you will always have problems crossing the By-Pass unless you have transportation. Sanur is a really nice peaceful area to live though. I lived there with my wife and four kids about 25 years ago and we loved it. It actually hasn't changed all that much and there is the fabulous beach path with lots of hotels and restaurants/cafe's along it, and it's nice for cycling. The new mall is under construction which is going to change Sanur too.

Jimbaran is alright, but I prefer Sanur, and I wouldn't really want to live in Nusa Dua as it's very dry.

I think you just need to find a good agent in the area you want to live in and since you want to live long term then really try to bargain down the price. Have a look also at the Bali Advertiser. Also ask around. Twenty five years ago we rented a two bedroom villa in a large hotel for $400/month and we rented it for a year and sent our kids to the Bali International School. Great thing about that was that we could use the hotels facilities like swimming pool, gardens, and it had direct access onto the beach. It also might be worth getting a driver for the day and driving around looking for places to rent yourselves.


Thanks so much for the info. Much appreciated.

I just typed a search for 2 bedroom houses in each of the noted areas using Indonesian. Loads came up at high, but still local, prices.

The same searches in English come up with idiotic prices.

Perhaps we could explore the possibility foreigners are being bent over and arse invaded by at least some players in the rental market.

My advice , get a temporary place and look around your target areas , do not use the local agents unless you want to get screwed  , you have kids here  they can do the primary legwork before you arrive ,it should not be so difficult .

Stay away from cangguu or little moscow , the traffic is nuts , sanur is quite expensive .

Iv been in nusa dua for 15 years , quiet 10 mins to the beach ,20 mins to all facilities ,

90 % less than  your upper target rent , ,ya it requires work .

Some foreign get royally screwed .  up to you guys

Fred is correct.  Here in Amlapura I am just Peking 15 juta/ year for a local house.

You can try Lamudi indonesia website. There are houses with mostely Indonesian prices.

@Ruud van Jepjep where you live is a different market than Sanur or Seminyak. You are comparing apples and oranges.

@Fred dont know where you get 60 mil annually in near Jakarta but definitely not in Kuningan or Pondok Indah. You must have not lived in Jakarta for a long while. Near Jakarta doesnt mean in Jakarta. Ubud prices are different than Sanur.

    @Fred dont know where you get 60 mil annually in near Jakarta


Where I live, and have lived.

Depending on the specific location, here in Bandung a 2 Beds 2 Baths house would probably cost between Rp30 to Rp40 Mil per year and  less if you live out of the city. 3 Beds houses would go for around Rp 50 Mil and that's in the city.

Paying Rp 130 - 165 Mil per year for a place in Bali, I'd expect some huge house stylish with view over rice paddies, swimming pool good location.

Paying Rp 130 - 165 Mil per year for a place in Bali, I'd expect some huge house stylish with view over rice paddies, swimming pool good location.


Agreed, and that's what anyone with basic thinking skills would expect.

The difference is, many foreigners pay according to home county experience and expectations, not critical thinking skills or reality.

Paying nut job, rip off prices just encourages bent agents to screw more inexperienced and/or unthinking foreigners.

Do what I did - Search using Indonesian. Prices fell by more than 50%.

I live in a 60 juta/year house. It's the average in this stupidity expensive estate.

The agent tried to up the price this year, but overall prices have dropped a little.

I gave him a few examples from the same cluster - He rolled over and agreed the same price.

I bet he'll try again this year, but he'll get the same - I have already checked the state of play.