Driving licence

Good evening

If I hold a Full UK driving licence do I need to change it for a Cyprus one.

If so where do I find the forms in English as on the website it seems the forms are not.

Also where in limassol are their offices to take the forms?

It seems a simple process but need some help with the first stage

Many thanks for your help!

@kevinlewis2323 Hello  !

Till members shed the light on your query, I suggest that you read the following article : Driving in Cyprus



You are required to change the UK licence to a Cyprus licence within 6 months if you are resident in Cyprus.

You need to go to the Ministry of Transport offices to do that.

The ministry only accepts the Greek language form....but there is an English translation of it online but they won't accept that form so you must use the English translation to enable you to complete the greek form.

They will take the UK one off you and re turn it to DVLA and issue you with a 30day temporary Cyprus licence until such time as the plastic card Cyprus licence is issued. Don't hang around waiting for the ministry to tell you the card is ready go and ask if it has and if so collect it .


https://www.google.com/amp/s/cyprusdriv … forms/amp/

Don't forget that you will need your temp residency ID card when you attend Department of Transport. Make sure you keep a copy of the UK entitlement on the back and front of the current driving card and check you get all these transferred to the new Cypriot license. You might need a medical for some of the UK entitlement in Cyprus so read up on that and get the forms if you wish to keep the same entitlements. The UK license must be valid and therefore not expired. If it is you will need to renew in the UK before transferring over.


As you say if you want to keep specific vehicle groups then You must ask for them .. don't assume they will give you the same groups..

Thanks chaps.

I will now wait for December when my appointment is.

Didn't seem that busy there today !

Thanks 😊

Hi Toon

Many thanks for your help on this.

I went there today

Was given an appointment for December although I had all my documents ready

Seems a relatively easy process I hope !

So will wait and see

Many thanks again