Different given names order on documents. Does it matter?


Together with my wife, who is Vietnamese, we are planning to move to Australia from New Zealand. I have a specific question. Perhaps you will be able to help me.

My question is specifically about names. We got married in New Zealand. On our marriage certificate has her names (and she has 3) in the normal order (1,2,3). But Vietnamese passports are arranged so that her names are written in the order: second third first. For this reason, for example, we book airline tickets by giving the middle name (because once we flew by giving the first name, there were minor problems). So I have some concerns that when applying for her temporary visa as my partner and presenting a marriage certificate together with a passport, the office may not accept that it is the same person? I don't know if anyone here faced such a situation when applying for visa for partner (or yourself)? Was there a problem? Or the order of names doesn't matter and there is nothing to worry about?

Thanks for your help