Car A/C not blowing cold

I think it needs a re-gas as not blowing cold. I hope it does not need a compressor! Any suggestions of where to take it? I live in Tala.

a guy called Chris Cool 26931565

Thank I will call him :-)

Looks like it does not need gas as it is full. Reomendation is to have an auto electrician check the fuses relays and wiring up to the compressor before shelling out a big wedge for one that is non returnable!

Anyone recomend an auto electician near Tala?

With the heat over the past weeks I had to get it fixed. Used Chris cool as Toon suggested who fixed it within 3 hours of arriving with a new compressor. He does have a lot of parts there so no having to go back after ordering. Unfortunately it cost 500euro. As the compressor is circa 250 it was a bit pricey but it's fixed and way more pleasent in the heat.

500 euro ouch - We just bought a brand new car here and i have to say the aircon is not particulary good in that!

getting a better sunshield has made some difference to getting in the car in the mornings however (slightly off topic sorry)