Thinking about living in Korea

age: 18 (not wanna move there with 18 already but maybe in a few years)

Nationality: german

Qualifications: IT Specialist by the time I would want to move there

Work experience: 1 year voluntary work, 3 years apprenticeship by the time I would move there

No prior expat experience

Currently learning with a personal teacher (expect to be atleast B2 - C1 once I would move there)

Reason to move there: ***, Germany is getting more and more unsafe, Germany is getting much more expensive, I wanna have a serious relationship (I heard that korean woman are more serious about relationships and that they date to marry), learn about the other culture and expand my knowledge

Hello everyone, I am thinking about living in Korea one day. I have been to Korea before as a solo traveller. I am pretty unsure though, if I would really want that, so I wanna ask you.

How do people react to foreigners?

Has moving to Korea improved your life? If so how?

How hard is it to find a job, especially taking regard in my qualifications and experience?

What is dating like there?

How do I find friends?

It would mean a lot to me if you could answer (not every question has to be answered).

Thank you.


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Advice as a long-time Western resident in RoK:

Keep your romantic life entirely out of your study/work abroad plans.

'Love'/sex isn't a worthwhile or productive goal for living abroad, that's for sex tourism.

Do you have something nice and productive to do in Korea,

something to enhance your career and enrich your general life experience?

Then by all means, come and work hard and play hard and plan to go home after you finish.

Because (wait for it!) RoK doesn't need you, DE does.

If DE is going down the shi**er,  then you need to be there helping your beautiful country to alter/reverse its downward  course. 

Decide to use what you learn in RoK to help DE/ DE-RoK relations. Don't use RoK or any foreign country to avoid your country's serious problems. Trust me, you will one day regret the wasted time.   

I agree rkngel94, love life will come naturally. You don't need to go to another country to find the person you will love.

Dating culture in Korea can be different from what you might be familiar with in your home country. It often involves group settings and traditional values. Additionally, online dating apps have become popular, providing opportunities to meet new people. Remember to be respectful of cultural norms and customs while dating in Korea.

About how are Koreans to Foreigners, Koreans are generally welcoming and friendly towards foreigners. South Korea has become more diverse, with an increasing number of expatriates living in the country.

While there may be some curiosity and occasional stares, most people are respectful and open to interacting with foreigners.