HI,can i give you the heads up on this subject way back in january i tried to exchange my licence  was told to go to the C A B. no they do not exchange licences.go to DEPT OF TRANSPORT.got appointment 3rd april to day went there this morning. waited in queue for 15 mins thats ok was told to go to room 8 when there waited another  15 mins thats ok then was told i did not have a appointment.  i showed the person the scrap piece off paper i got away back january  with date  and time  on it go and see the boss was told found the BOSS. and he over rule it went back to room 8 started lay all docs on his table and person where is your ID.i knew right away what he meant.i said do not have one the BIO METRIC card yet have been waiting since august for it showed my alien reg cert with all the numbers on it which i have used at airports border crossings etc with out a problem. i did research on what docs i would need before i even made a appointment. so basically you need your BIO METRIC CARD BEFORE EVEN THINKING OF EXCHANGING YOUR LICENCE. now can anyone tell me when this rule came in VIC RENWICK

If it's first exchange that MUST be done at Dept of Transport..   replacement for lost licenses or renewals of Cyprus issued licences can be done at The Citizen Service Centres... ( At 70 years old Cyprus licenses must be renewed with medical certificate)

As for must have a biometric ID card.. it's not mandatory to have one ...yet ....... but it is coming...originally programmed for 2026. But suspect they will push for next year 2024 at the latest .... So it's likely they are getting ahead of the game to force the issue of replacing existing yellow slips with the new biometric cards ...inline with the rest of the EU for commonality across the bloc.. whilst simultaneously raising revenue at an extra €30.euros per card