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Hello everybody!

I just joined this forum because I'm looking into maybe moving to the BVIs in the near future. I like living in different places and am currently living in Beijing teaching English to children...I'm a bit of a gypsy. Not sure where I want to settle down yet but I know it isn't England!

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me?

What is it like living there? What sort of employment opportunities are there (I am a Jack of all trades) cost of living etc.

Any help would be massivley appreciated!


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I might be dumb, but what is "BVIs"? BTW, you double posted ;-) No problem, just delete the other one ;-) SY

BVI = British Virgin Islands

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Your best bet for finding employment is to look at the online versions of the newspapers.  Try  There are also a couple of websites that advertise specifically BVI job vacancies too(but I can't remember what they are, sorry).

The Government of the BVI is a little xenophobic when it comes to immigrants - mostly for very good reasons: the country is tiny, the indigenous population makes up less than 33% of the resident population of the BVI and there are concerns that good jobs are going to expats instead of BV Islanders and that expat businesses are squashing local business.

There is a public education system that is unlikely to hire you, and a fairly vibrant private schooling system that might have a vacancy for you, depending upon what subjects you teach.  There is a non-denominational school that teaches the IB system from middle-years up and a montessori school that goes up to age 11.  The rest of the private schols are faith-based.

Be advised that you can't just come here and seek work.  If you put that on your entry card they'll simply send you home again, or onwards at the very least. See my post about the basics of living in the BVI within this forum for more details.

Good luck!

hey so have you been to BVI finally ?

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