living in tortola

living here for six months and would like to communicate with other expats

Welcome on board sues,

I move the discussion to the British Virgin Island forum.

Why did you move to the BVI?


My partner and I have just retired in Uk and he is now teaching sailing here until June.

Nice :) How is life over there? Is there a lot of expats in the BVI?

I think there is a large expat community but we live on a boat in a marina so not really part of it. They are great dog walkers, so they drop in for a beer or two at the local marina bar.

So what is your current status?

You are welcome!
I am from Uganda.

Hello!! Im from Argentina and i want to live in BVI ,  I need information about employs, place to live (bed and breakfast), and english course to improve comunication hability.I would like to live in Road Town.

I assume that by now you've found that the BVI is very sociable and that there is an abundance of bars, plus the yacht club, sports club, cycling federation and lots more!

i just  need  to know how  is  the  rent  for  one  bedroon

Hi,I am Dimple and i need to communication with friends on

Hello , I want to live in the BVI - I am a Boat construction designer - I would like to ask to everbody

How can I find job in the BVI?


Hi .. welcome ... we all are connected n thanks to this blog!

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Aurelie ... Yes Thank you for your time, I really had missed on that.

is tortola a good place to live and survive

i am  expert  in paddle  sup   and    creating    wooden     boards

also   doctor  in medicine  diabetes    can créate a   diabetic  center

marco martinez wrote:

also   doctor  in medicine  diabetes    can créate a   diabetic  center

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