Making arrangements to travel for SEF interview


I just received my D7 Visa for four months.  Now making arrangements to travel for SEF interview.

I understand from this website that I need to take all the docs that I already submitted to Portugal Consulate.

Does this mean copies or originals.  I had submitted all the originals when I initially applied to the Portugal Consulate.

For example, the US criminal record, original was submitted to Portugal Consulate.  I do have a copy.  Or does SEF interview require another original?

Also understand that I don't need provide lease agreement, as my friends have given me an invitation letter to stay with them, up until I find suitable rentals or purchase a flat.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you kindly!


Hi Viji, Welcome.

You have some feedbacks from other members in this link. If you can't find answers here, try contacting them by private message.

Experience sharing about Visas to Portugal

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Thanks much Johnny!  Very informative. 

Based on all this info, I can provide the invitation letter re. accommodation (which I already submitted to VFS Global) instead of a lease agreement at SEF interview.  Not sure if I still need to submit a form, signed by my friends who gave me the invitation letter? Any advise? Name of Form?


"Responsibility" form inside:

Evidence that the applicant has adequate accommodation … 42#5123520

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There is so much information on this site regarding the D7 visa process, which helped me tremendously! So thank you all. 

Would like specific information on SEF appt. process.

My appt. is in Portimao in 10 days. I know the basic docs required, but have a few questions:

Do you need to update any info. from earlier Embassy visa submission? Specifically, bank account balances, etc.?

Does Embassy forward all docs to SEF? So, I should just provide duplicate copies at SEF appt.?

Since still active, proof of travel insurance with health insurance acceptable at SEF appt.? Don't think you can register for PT health insurance until you have residence permit.

Any other docs required that were not provided for US D7 visa?

Any other input would be appreciated.




I am also making arrangements to attend SEF interview.  I am based in NYC and travelling there in April for appointment.  I understand that Portugal Consulate in NYC shared all my docs with SEF to obtain the D7 Visa/sticker on US passport.  I will be taking all the copies of docs that I submitted to Portugal Consulate NYC via VFS Global, and updated Bank Statement with me.  I am also taking copy of the FBI criminal record and invitation letter.

If you have a lease agreement you should take that with you. 

Confirming that you cannot register with NHS/Health System until you receive your Resident Permit.

Hope this helps.




Hi again,

You won't need travel insurance.  SEF will require your valid Health/Medical Insurance.  I am taking with me my US Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance which is Global Coverage.  If you don't have a Medical Insurance which does not include Global Coverage, please purchase private insurance before SEF interview.  You can find information on this platform on recommended private insurance companies in Portugal.



D7 residency Visa appointment in the SEF office … 42#5388099

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Hi, @JonnyPT

Thank you for all your shared knowledge over this forum, it has been extremely useful to me over the past year throughout my D7 & Portuguese residence journey.

I have my D7 visa, which was granted in July and I am now waiting for my SEF/AIMA appointment, which I still do not have scheduled as I can't seem to get through on the phones, but that is another issue I won't talk about now.

As I am trying to prepare for when I eventually get my SEF/AIMA appointment for my residency permit, I have found myself in a situation where I need to move out of the accomodation which I used for my D7 application which I had rented and obtained a 12 month contract for, next month. I believe from reading other posts on this forum that these documents have been sent to the SEF/AIMA as part of my application.

Thankfully, a friend who owns a property in Portugal has very kindly offered me to stay at his property on a house sitting basis as he has had to return to the UK and no longer resides there.

Before I accept this offer and stop looking for a new rental property, my question is, will the SEF/AIMA allow me to use this as 'Evidence that the applicant has adequate accommodation' as stated here:

I have read on this forum that it is possible to use this type of accomodation when applying for a D7 from your previous post here … 42#5123520

So my questions are:

  1. Can I use my friends accomodation for my SEF/AIMA residence appointment?
  2. If yes, does the property owner have to give me a 'contract' or a letter of attestation like you mention in the above post?
  3. Will it matter that my new accomodation, regardless of whether or not it is my friends property or new rental property, does not match what was submitted when I applied and gained the D7 visa?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @petswan, Welcome.

I don't think there's any problem changing the place of accommodation between the submission to the VFS global/consulate and the interview with AIMA/SEF. As long as the accommodation to be presented to AIMA is in line with what they want. The tenancy agreement must be legally registered with AT Finanças.

The accommodation letter used to be accepted, now I'm not sure.

I would suggest that anyone who has more up-to-date information can share it.

Thank you for your reply, @JohnnyPT.

Hopefully someone has been through a similair experience and can share their knowledge!

All the best.

@JohnnyPT I believe you can use a Term of Responsibility form for this cicumstance. And there is also a free lease agreement (but im not sure if this can only be used for a family member) in this case there is no obligatin to register at financas. I suggest check with a Portuguese lawyer.

@vijir Yes i would like know  the answer to this also as although the documents were scanned vfs global kept all the orriginals!