Traveling while waiting for verification against EU law


I am in the Netherlands with the facilitation visa and I received the sticker on my passport. I still have 5 months until the decision on residence permit is made. My question is er4t: can I travel to other Schengen countries during this waiting time or am I supposed to stay in the Netherlands?

I am so glad you worked out the visa complications. Since there is free movement in schengen area you should be fine. But leaving the schengen area would be a problem in my opinion. I hope someone has definite answers! Good luck with the process!

@arzubruhn hello, did you leave the NL in the end during that period and was there any problems?

I am in a similar situation right now. I have 4 months till the end of 6 months decision period and I need to go to another Schengen country for a week due to study related reasons.