Golden Visa

Once you have parted with your 250,000/500,000 Euros and purchased a property.

How often is the Golden Visa still refused?

It seems you have to commit to a large leap of faith in hoping your application will be accepted.

@Freado I presume that nobody would be parting with any monies unless their Golden Visa application and all that that entails has been finalised and the green light given to the applicant by the government officials concerned with their case in hand.

No it does not work that way - you invest - you then apply and if you follow the Greek convoluted process and hire a competent lawyer expert in these fields then you will get your residency after a couple of

months - if you are not prepared to follow the process or perhaps have something to hide don't invest in Greece and look elsewhere

@PhilIpZ20201 Correct answer!

Only there are some minor changes over the processing time... It is not ''a couple of months'' anymore, but at least 5 to 8 months.


LOl, it's not a case of having anything to hide. Its more about researching facts before making a commitment.

Thanks for your help.

@Freado my answer was generic for all cases ;-)