Language Swaps French/Spanish over Swahili

If you are native or fluent Spanish/French speaker You will teach me either of the two languages and  I will teach you Swahili in return


I am fluent in spanish! Am learning swahili, where are you based?? I am normally in Dar

Hello Splanglishmama,

Feel free to contact sairis by sending her a private message1f609.svg

All the best,

Yoginee team

Thank you so much I am in Dar too, I will inbox you my number we do the needful arrangement to commence with the program ASAP

Hello sairis and Splanglishmama,

We absolutely love it when we find our members connecting in this way1f60d.svg

I hope that you can both improve your Spanish and Swahili skills.

All the best and happy learning,

Yoginee team