Finding it Difficult to Find Annual Housing Rental in the Algarve

Hello. We (2 adults) are moving to Portugal May/June of this year and are looking for a 12 month rental before we seek out a home to purchase (we want to get to know the areas before we buy). Would you have anything that would come close to matching these objectives:

Minimum 2 bedrooms

Close to golf course

Maximum $3500 monthly rent.

We will be visiting the Algarve Feb 13-25 and would love to take a look at some properties. Kind regards, Cynthia


Or Idealista

Hi Cynthia, Welcome.

In the Algarve, it is very difficult to find long-term rentals. Landlords prefer to rent the high season (April to September) separately. If you are looking for a house, a little bit away from the sea, 5 to 10 km, it is easier and cheaper.

Renting Management Companies (Short/Long-Term Rentals)

    Real Estate Website Portals, post #4 … 93#5069701

    Large Real Estate Companies Websites, post #7 … 93#5069710

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Should you have interest in Tavira, I have an appartment with 2 rooms in the historical center and 5 km from benamor golf. I rent it for the year.
[link under review]

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Hello everyone,

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Hello Cynthia,


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I would suggest that you need a more precise definition of where you want to be than just 'The Algarve'.

You maybe need to stay somewhere not far from  the central area in order to be able to explore East and West  and get a better feel for the specific town you would be happy to spend a whole year in.

Or maybe you might revise your plan and spend six months in the Eastern area and six months in the Western ?

The rental you are prepared to pay is way way above the average and you should have no difficulty finding somewhere.

Lots of people have posted their thoughts on various cities in and regions of the Algarve on youtube.  You just have to search 'algarve'  within YT for them to come up. 

Could provide useful pointers even before you visit.

You have a very good BIG budge for monthly rent, so you should be able to find something rather nice.

Look in west Algarve area.

Dear Cynthia, most places in the Algarve are not far from golf courses.  They are the reason we keep running out of water.  You have a good budget and should be able to find something for 1,800-2,000.  I would not tell Landlords/agents you can afford more than that when you first meet them.  Most people will drop a few hundred - and it also gives you the flexibility to increase your offer.   I would start in the East/Central.  The West is also nice but a long way from the airport.  Take a look at Silves (Central) - lovely town.  Loule is also nice.


I had the same problem- had all docs for D7 visa BUT  annual lease. I heard about Savvycat Realty and they were phenomenal! I searched on my own for over 4 months. Joao of Savvycat found me a flat within 2 weeks. Beautiful flat overlooking the ocean. I think having a Portuguese agent helps tremendously. It does cost for their services but well worth it.


Try Julie Chen at if you think you would like the Eastern Algarve. 12 month rentals are hard to find in the Algarve because property owners want to rent the properties for a premium during the summer tourist season. Julie helped us find a 12 month rental in Tavira, which is a beautiful city with several golf courses nearby. You didn't mention where you are moving from but if you are moving from the U.S. I suppose you have already completed the documentation and applied for a D7 Visa, which requires a signed 12 month lease agreement before your appointment with VFS.


Dear Cynthia

We have a 2 bed on a golf course and within your budget and you may start your rental in May 2023. Please visit our website [link moderated] and see reference ASL202. thank you

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I don't see the link.


could you give me the number of agency ?

Hello cynthiaelsener,

Did you try consulting the Housing in Algarve section? You might find something that interests you there.

All the best,

Yoginee team

@Negar Nasiri

Sorry. Don't have it. Check website for Savvy Cat Realty. Good luck!


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