NZ expats -- what are your thoughts on Jacinda Ardern's resignation?

The content writing team at Expat Magazine would like to write an article about how expats in New Zealand are experiencing the resignation of Jacinda Ardern. What are your thoughts about her resignation? What did you think about her immigration policies during your time in New Zealand? Thank you in advance for sharing with us.

@Ameerah Arjanee

Jacinda represents the new generation of these young political leaders who bring a different vision of politics, more progressive, more human, closer to the field, attentive to her fellow citizens and pragmatic.  The outcome of her job  can be critical but nothing is ever easy and the margins for maneuver are always narrow. 

Most important is that The Jacinda / Trudeau / Macron trio is to be opposed to the more conservative, doctrinaire, tactical and visionless, incompetent Trump / Boris Johnson couple who will have privileged their personal interests, leaving a disastrous image of their country.  This trio are far more respectful of values and people. What will the future hold for us if another Trump or Boris ?