I am from the UK and turn 61 this year.  I will be taking early retirement next year and want to move to Crete on a permanent basis.  Have you retired and moved to Greece?  Can you give any advice on the Visa process?  interview with the Greek Embassy in London.  Any help to prepare me for the procedure would be most appreciated.  How long it took to get documents that are required.  I would come under the Financially independent person.

Thank you!


@Mish P Hi,to tell you that everything is explained on line,I had a look,it seems you will go to or contact,(best to have a appointment)your nearest Greek embassy and they will guide you,Like most things greek they may take their time but have tolerance,Its issued for two years initially and then renewed every so often,you need two thousand a month pension at least coming in or from somewhere on a regular basis and private medical cover,some cover for medical you can get from UK.But all as I say is explained on line,you probably need to be a tax resident here and will need an accountant every year.i take a small UK pension and declare tax papers every year but I was worried in case they tax me on that tiny bit,an accountant more helpful than mine told me that there is a small box on the tax form where the accountant ticks to say its pension from UK and is not taxable each year in greece,its a special area to fill in on the form,so be aware of such things.I hope all goes well and remember you will meet hurdles on your journey but press ahead full steam.

Have a look at the Facebook group ' British in Greece'. There is a wealth of info and you will find all you need to know. If you do have further questions, do message me as I went through the process  a few months ago and we are now in Greece awaiting resident permits.

Hi Sandie - 59 year old Brit with Greek heritage living in Greece. Complex subject like most things in Greece. I have a fairly good handle on what is involved - prior comments make sense but may be different if you plan to purchase a property in greece like I did. Happy to discuss on the phone to save a lot of typing. Phil


Hiya, thank you for your quick reply.  I am happy to know that the Greek Embassy in London will also guide me with a few things.  I had checked the online details but, just had a few concerns with not having a pension being paid in every month.  I will have money coming from the sale of my UK property and I can draw down on one of my private pensions.  I was worried that it didn't actually fit the requirements that they were asking for.  So am happy that when the time comes the Greek Embassy will accept that I do have the funds to cover my visa stay.  Thank you!


Hiya, sadly, I came off Facebook a while back.  Thank you for your tip though,


thank you for your quick reply Philip and am grateful for your offer of a call.  I may get back to you nearer the time.


I am a resident and also recommend British in Greece Facebook Group~ with 13.5k members and professionally moderated by Julia Cross, I believe it is probably the No1 resource if you're a UK citizen thinking of emigrating or currently living in Greece. The answers to all your questions and many more~(and will occur later) are probably already answered the file section. Good luck in fulfilling your dreams... I guarantee it's worth it


Thank you so much..

@Mish P

we hired a lawyer, a pain in ass


Thank you so much for your help - I will make an appointment with the Greek Embassy as suggested.