Accommodation in Mitte (2-room apartment)

Hi! I'm currently living in a super-central location Mitte, and have decided to move to another apartment starting Feb 1st. The contract termination period vis-a-vis my current landlord is too short, and as such, I'd like to suggest a new tenant to him. Anyone interested? I'm currently paying EUR 820 (not sure how much the landlord will charge for a new contract).

Contact me on *** between midday and 7pm daily.

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Hello Tida49,

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Please note that contact details should not be posted on the open forum. Members can reach out through private message though by clicking on your profile > send a message.

As the property is not yours, we'll keep it on the forum itself. Oh yes, however, if your landlord wishes to publish an advert, maybe you could request him to drop an advert in the Housing in Berlin section.

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Probably best to put this under housing instead of on the forum. The post also doesn't mention the city nor size of apartment… And just finding a new renter does NOT mean that one will necessarily get out of paying for rent until the rental contract is finished. Theoretically one could sublet for the remaining time but this can be complex, especially if one no longer lives in the area. A landlord would have to voluntarily agree to such a thing; basically letting one out of the contract early. But it is not that a landlord would have trouble to rent an apartment out on short notice anyway. The housing market is very tight in most cities for any place worth having.

Hello TominStuttgart,

The ad can not be posted in the housing classifieds as it should be done by the owner or agency that is responsible for the rental process etc.

I hope Tida will be able to provide infos to members.