Car & Motorcycle insurance

I have shipped my car and motorcycle over. The UK insurance allow up to 30 days overseas but I expect the vehicles will be re-registered on arrival. Any suggestions for insurance companies in Cyprus?

Abbeygate Top Quotes Pacific Atlantic

Toon Thanks for the details. I could not find Pacific Atlantic with google.I have contacted the others for quotes

Pacific and Atlantic are two different brokers

Gan Direct is another

Atlantic defo do motorbike insurance if you take another policy with them but not as a standalone

OK thank you I will have another look

Abbeygate are good for older drivers - especially if you've been with them for a while.  They are actually like a broker, not a Company, and get you the best possible quotes and describe exactly what's included.   Very helpful staff too.

Yes they did reply swiftly get checking other quotes as It looks a bit higher than the UK prices.

Can't compare with UK prices as I left the UK some 19 years ago!