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Added on 29/11/2023
Everything you need to know to work in Bangkok
Finding work in Bangkok
Bangkok is Thailand's capital and biggest city. Every year, over 22 million people visit Bangkok. Some come to see the city's sights and indulge in some Michelin-starred Tom Yum. Others are here in search of work opportunities.
Understanding the work environment in Bangkok
Thai people are incredibly friendly and approachable. If one wants to stay and work in Thailand, then learning their culture is a must. It might be strange at first to understand all, but the time will come that you'll get used to it. Understanding and building relationships with coworkers are one of the significant factors that make the work easy and fun.
Bangkok's labour market
There is an abundance of opportunities in the Land of Smiles, especially in Bangkok, and most are coming here, thinking that only teaching is the job available. That is simply untrue as there are many possible jobs the place can offer.
Starting a business in Thailand
Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia and the 24th-largest economy in the world. It offers lots of business opportunities — but for an expat, these are hidden under layers of paperwork and complicated registration procedures.  
Working in Thailand
Although some jobs aren't permitted to foreigners in Thailand, there is still an array of career opportunities in this rapidly developing South-East Asian nation. Certain sectors are easier for foreigners to find jobs in — notably tourism and teaching — but if you can prove you have required skills that are difficult to find locally, then opportunities in other sectors are also likely to be available to you.
Internships in Thailand
If you are a self-motivated individual with good communication skills and a strong command of English, then doing an internship in Thailand is a great way to develop and apply academic knowledge to the realities of day-to-day life in modern business. The practical skills you will gain can give you a head start in pursuing your career, and international work experience will look great on your CV. An internship can also contribute to your academic credits if you are still enrolled at university and help you make valuable industry contacts for your future.
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